export sync

hi all - I’m doing a storybook with audio being read. The text is highlighted as the words are read. The internal playback has everything sync’d up fine. When i export to swf or mov, it is off by a line or two - meaning while the third line is read, the first line is highlighted… any suggestions? thanks, dan

Make sure that the sound is synced correctly when scrubbing in the timeline. The sound syncronisation in the internal playback is not guaranteed to be accurate.

hi Simon -

Aside from clicking the streamed option, not sure what you mean by insuring the file is sync’d - one thing about the mac, is that when i click the streamed button, a lot of times the sound goes mute in playback - all playback options. With the suggestion from TBS, the button goes unchecked. Is there another way i can obtain the correct frame numbers where i can begin/end the highlighting process? Would hate to have to try and sync it from exporting out the file to swf to check the alignment … thanks, dan

When scrubbing is enabled, you should hear each frame’s sound when you move the red marker in the Timeline. This way you can check that the image at this frame matches the sound.

hi - sorry it took so long to get back to you - i had other hot projects that needed my attention - yeah, i know, I’m not alone :slight_smile: … anyway, it seemed that activating the scrubbing button did the trick … everything seems to be lining up great now … thanks for the help … dna