Export Sync Problem

Hello, everyone. I recently went on a major splurge and upgraded myself to Animate Pro 2, and I’m having a problem where when I export my animation it’s matching very late to the audio whether I export it to MOV, FLV, or SWF. It’s synced just the way I want it in the program. I’m running it 12 fps and it’s about 1700 frames long, and the original audio file is in MP3.
EDIT: I have determined it is the animation running slower than it should once it is exported, as it is in sync in the beginning and then when I skip to later in the file or let it play out the video lags behind the audio more and more. I set it to play at 12fps both in the scene settings and in the export menu, yet it is still playing slower than it should once exported.

MP3 is not the best choice in audio formats since it’s a compressed format.
Try using AIFF or WAV for a better result.

Try setting the keyframe: all option in the movie export settings and set it to “Hinted Streaming” if your desired codec has this option.

1700 frames is quite long, if you loop the movie does the video eventually catch-up to the audio? It may be a graphic memory issue on your system.

One last thing… go to your account’s “My Downloads” section and download the latest service pack release for your version. I do remember that there was a patch to fix an issue related to audio synching.

Hey, thanks man! After exporting it syncs up better than ever now! I think it was the hinted streaming setting.