export symbols and import them into other scenes

I am trying to export a modelsheet symbol from Toon Boom Harmony Stage so I’ll be able to import it into other scenes, but it seems quite impossible.
So far I’ve managed to create the symbol with the character turnaround and I’ve put it into the Stage Library folder (whatever that is) as a template. Ithought I would be able to locate it as a .tpl file in the project folder, but I can’t find it and there doesn’t seem to be an export or save option in the Library window.

I wouldn’t use a symbol. I’d create a master template. Go to Library> Stage Library > right-click and select “Right to Modify”. Once you’ve done that drag the layer from the timeline into Library. Then when you open a new project click “Right to Modify” again and now you’ll see your template. Drag that into your workspace and you’ll find your model sheets.


yeah I got that so far, but that doesn’t set it up on the other animators work stations in the studio. It must be possible to transfer this template to other computers.

I’ve noticed by default my stage library templates usually end up somewhere in my C: drive. Try creating a new folder to hold templates in a location accessible to you, open that folder in the library, and put your template in that folder instead–it should make things easier to find.

This is what I found out:
in order to select a specific location to save Master Templates, you must right click in the library below Stage Library and chose Open Library… Then you navigate to the folder where yoy want your Master Templates to be and click chose folder.
That’s it.

A bit weird it’s called Open Library and not Set Library Folder, that would make more sense when saving to a specific folder location.

this is kind of one of my pet peeves, too. there are times when i need to use a symbol. or i want to copy the storyboard re layer from one scene to another. i can normally just copy and paste modules from one instance of harmony to the next, but if the modules contains symbols they do not copy over.