Export Selected Panels


Is there any way to export selected panels? When I export Bitmap or movies via EDL/XML/AAF, the only options I see in my Export Range are:
-Selected Scenes
-Current Scene
-Current Panel
-Tracked Panels

Frequently, I’ll have a scene with multiple panels I’ll need to export. I don’t need to export all the panels, just the revised ones (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 7, 9). Is there any way of selecting those panels and ‘batch exporting’ them at once? For rendered movies, I would use the Auto-Tracking feature to manually ‘tag’ them and then use ‘Tracked Panels’ in the Export Range. Just seems like an extra step versus just selecting multiple panels then having a ‘Selected Panels’ option in the Export Range.

Or maybe there can be a future feature where you can ‘Tag’ the scene, then have a ‘Tagged Scenes’ option in the Export Range. This way, you can tag multiple panels/scenes for export through the project without having to worry about using CMD/CTRL :slight_smile:


Thanks Lilly.

i frequently need that option . that feature would be appreciated .

Currently, there’s no selected panels option. I can submit this as a feature request.