export selected frames


is it possible to export only frame I choose ? For exemple I would like to export frame 1, 5 and 21… with “EXPORT LAYOUT” but it exports all frames.

Maybe is it possible to export frame who have a scene marker on it ?

i don’t know… Any solutions ?



I find exporting movie/image sequence in harmony forgotten in time, very 1995’ish. You can export pretty much similar exports from 5 different export menues.
It needs a nice and clean overhaul.

Take a look at after effects export panel, one ctrl+m and you have ALL the export options/modules/settings gathered in one place. So intuitive and straight forward. Why cant harmony have a unified ”one export menu” like that for all movie/image sequence/ opengl/high quality etc options in one window?

Btw, why cant I change playback preview frames to other format like png? Its always tga files. Too big for previewing and eats up lots of diskspace.

Im going to quote a comment I read somewhere on a toonboom video someone made:
”Toonboom software is made by people who hates animators” and I kind of feel this is true sometimes struggling with some workflow stuff, you name it.
Keyframe graph editor anyone? 1995 mode again, so frustrating. Look at after effects again and get inspired. Its kind Harmony is trying to reinvent the wheel in some areas or not completely there yet compared to other software with similar functionality…I mean half of harmony, the timeline and other stuff is very flash inspired, so why not go all the way and take a look at how after effects does stuff? :slight_smile: anyway, frustrating ride from time to time (well, mostly)…