Export Resolution

How can I UP the resolution of the exports? It seems that both the bitmap and current image exports only go up to 72 dpi. IT is not a good resolution for images that may need to be resized. 300 dpi is usually the standard. I see that you can uncheck the the maximum size allowed for export, but that seems to only change the canvas size, NOT the DPI.

My impression is that TBSBPro can export images in many ways. From PDF’s of the whole project as complete storyboards to export single panels as bitmaps or PSD files. You can export layers as images and movies as frames.The best way to become familiar with it is just to try it out with different preferences. To change size: To go down in size there is often an option to half and quarter size. To increase size I have only found the possibility to increase project size in project properties before export ( and eventually reduce it afterwards)The size of the export is in pixels and not in canvas/resolution.It is possible to add new project sizes in the properties in the welcome screen.The export options are fully described in the help manual.Best regardsIvar