export/rendering and optimize and animate pro limits.

I have a second question derivated from the last post, so I wrote it in this new thread:

I have a complex scene, but it chashed when exporting-rendering. then I tried to export in smaller parts and it crashed, untill I arrived to export from frame 1 to frame 1 … and after a looooong time… it crashed again.

So, animate pro has some limitations to export one only frame.
I used also the drawing-optimize, reduce lines, optimize,etc. I also ued the utoflatten.and I went symbol by symbol and repeated every process… but after that it continues without exporting one frame.

the computer has 16 gb ram and 4 processors at 2.66 ghz.and uses 64 bits, but some error in the chashes of toonboom mention that the program is in 32 bits.
maybe it could be an error of a limit related to 32 bit address from animate or another error, but my questions after that are:

1)how can I could calculate that limit that tb is having to avoid be in this case that that one frame can not be rendered (export for movie).

2)what are the most effective ways or steps to reduce the load of the render, because autoflatten, draing optimize,etc, didnt worked enough here…

thanks a lot

You might try turning off some of the layers and rendering just a few layers at a time. By rendering layers individually you can identify whether it’s a certain layer that’s causing the problem or whether it’s the addition of trying to do all the layers at the same time.

If you identify a certain layer that is causing the problem, then some of the things that you can look at you’ve already identified - try to flatten the drawing, try to optimise it. You can also try to smooth it, though if you’re not careful smoothing can alter the look of the image. Are you using pencil lines or brush lines? It’s much more difficult for the software to compute pencil lines so if this is the case you might want to try to convert from pencil to brush before exporting.

It is indeed a 32-bit program. Usually there is a specification set by the operating system that defines how much memory can be allocated to any single process. What operating system are you using?

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Along the lines of Lily’s suggestions, can you render other simple scenes.

Like just animate a circle bouncing around.

Those specs are way more than my current system and I have no issues with animate.

Hi, thanks

I am using mac os x, which is 64 bits.
It would be great to be able to use all the 64 bits for TB :slight_smile:

We don’t have a 64-bit version at this time, but I can pass that as a feature request on to R&D.

Did you manage to render your scene at all? Which version of Mac OSX are you using - 10.5 or 10.6?

If you’re still experiencing lots of crashes then you can email techsupport@toonboom.com directly and they can take a look at your scene file to give you more detailed feedback.

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