Export - Render Write Nodes - Can't set selected frames over 9999

I have a big project, I need to re-render only a small part (with a change), but I can’t specify which frames I want (example 12 000 to 12 200 ). It allows me to go only as high as 4 digits (9999) and not over, even though my project has more frames than that.
The only way I know how to do it is to re-render the full sequence, which is a huge waste of time and resources.

Is there a way around this issue ?

Thank you

What I ended up doing is -

I specified the frames I want re-rendered (12 000 to 12 200) into a Movie Export. Then I changed the movie quality export to - same as scene, lossless and for a codec - PNG.
This way I can then extract them (with After Effects, for example) into images again.

But what a crazy workflow ;/

I’ve found that if I export a Movie. There I can set the frames too. And there you have 5 digits. So I can export the sequence I need as a movie, but not as an image sequence.

I hope there is a better way to do it. Or that the next update will have a fix for that.