Export Range - All Frames rendering

When I try to export the movie to check a frame range from the Timeline - say 1-50 - the whole scene is exported (in this case 400 frames). Is something overriding my frame range setting?

As far as I know, the frame-range-slider in the timeline are only for viewport and preview playback…
They don’t affect the Export Range…
Using File / Export / Movie… / one has to apply the Export Range (Frames from - to)
in the “Export to QuickTime Movie” window…


when you select the frames to export you do selet the radio button to the left of it too as well?

That is the only thing i can think of that would cause it and have never had issues with ranges before.

I have found what the problem is. It’s when there’s a Sound layer. When I export a movie with frame range 1-50 only those image frames are rendered, but the whole sound file is rendered. That’s why playback in Quicktime has the slider continuing beyond the expected movie frame range. I can live with it, as the time to render is only for the frame range.

ahhh that makes sence.

Really toonboom studio expects audio to be added in post production which is probably why it does that.