Export, quoatation, question marks! NO FIND and REPLACE?

I am a new user, and I would hate for these complaints to be based on ignorance, but I have noticed some major shortcomings with this software that are absolutely KILLING the usability of this program. So, if there is a simple solution to these issues, please advise because I have been unable to find answers anywhere on the site or in the documentation.When I export the boards to pdf, all my quotation marks get turned into question marks, even when I hand type them into the panel captions IN Storyboard.ALSO, I was appalled to discover (again, if this is my ignorance, I apologize) that there is a FIND text feature for the caption boxes, but NO REPLACE function…seriously?So if anyone has any insight on this, please help me out.thanks!

For the export making things show up as question marks, this may be because of the encoding of the text. One way to be absolutely sure that you’re sending plain text is to do your text in Notepad and copy and paste from there.However you may also want to play around with the encoding options. From the Export to PDF window, click on Edit Format. Then next to the font field there is a little (…) button. Press on this and up will pop a window. Your first option in this window will be Encoding, and there will be a drop-down menu listing the encoding options. I have mine set to Western ISO and quotes that I create in Storyboard are exported correctly.You’re right there is no replace text function - I will add this as a feature request.~LillyToon Boom Support

I’ve run into this problem and it may have something to do with the fonts that you are using. If you are using the default ‘Courier’ fonts, then you must make sure that your Adobe Acrobat and/or computer has that font available. It was quite a while ago so I can’t be sure exactly how I fixed it, but I do remember running into that problem.Second thing you could try is changing the font that you are using and do a couple of tests to make sure.Drew

I tried having my text document in the same courier font as what is running in SB pro 2 and i still get ? symbol. If i try to use a truetype font option in the preferences i cannot see any of the system fonts (on mac).the workaround is this: 1. Take your text document and save it as a .txt (encoded file) and choose as the encoding: Western ISO8859-15(which matches the encoding of the text in SB Pro.) 2. then in the dialogue box in SBPro click on the import caption button (in the top right of the box) and choose your text document. All issues with ? symbol outputting for ’ or - or any other normally used symbol in scripts is resolved.This really needs to be fixed as sending boards to animators where, for example a - has been replaced by ? after the word, changes the meaning of the action for the scene considerably!

Hi Lillythat doesnt work if you copied and pasted the text from a word doc, or your txt or rtf file isnt in the same encoding that is used by SB pro.i had to change the encoding on my .txt file to match the default encoding on SB pro Western ISO8859-15no matter how many times after importing a ordinary rtf or txt doc i changed the encoding settings in SB pro it still doesnt recognise the symbols and outputs a ? in its place.also now that my workaround has returned symbols my text formatting in my dialogue panel does not match that of the pdf exported of the board.eg.this is one text lineand then here is the next line,and this is line 3outputs on the pdf board asthis is one text lineand then here is the next line,and this is line 3also any bold or italic changes do not show up. why is this?i have set my text preferences not to output as plain txt.

When you do an export to PDF, if you go to the Encoding Options and select the appropriate encoding option, you should no longer get question marks. If you do, kindly email support@toonboom.com so they can find out what is going on in your specific workflow.


I’m going to run some tests here on SB Pro 2 to verify what’s going on and I’ll reply here when I’ve got some results.


Okay so I ran some tests here. You’re running Mac, correct?

I first ran some tests with TextEdit. I created a plain text document, wrote in a few lines of text similar to what you had written below. I copied and pasted this text from Text Edit to Storyboard Pro 2. I had no problems there.

Then I saved the file as a .txt (plain text) and imported it in. The only bit where I had a problem was when I used a “…” because in TextEdit it automatically squishes in the “…” closer together and this is considered a separate character, and it had difficulty importing this character in.

I did a similar piece of text in Open Office. When I did a regular copy and paste, once again, no problems. When I tried to import the caption, this is where I faced a bit of an issue with the encoding options. However, if when you do the Save As you save it as a Text (.txt) instead of Encoded Text (.txt) it works fine and you don’t even have any options to save the encoding type.

So which application were you using? TextEdit? Microsoft Office? Open Office? I can try to test on the same application as you. Additionally, if you open a ticket with support@toonboom.com, then you can send them your text file so they can run some tests with that.

I’m still running tests on the bold and italic in the PDF export.