Export Quality Question

I do traditional hand-drawn animation on paper which I scan in and do the compositing in Toon Boom Animate Pro. The way I work is the exact same way old Looney Tunes or Disney cartoons were made. Basically the old cartoons were filmed with a 35 mm camera frame by frame, usually shooting each drawing twice on average if it’s fully animated.

I noticed that if I export my movies from Toon Boom Animate Pro in the highest HD quality that it’s somehow overkill and this high quality might not really suit the traditional hand-drawn animation style that was originally developed to be filmed with a 35 mm camera while in HD quality you seem to see TOO many details and the overall look is a bit sterile and not as organic as classic cartoons.

On Youtube my cartoons seem to look better on a lower quality setting and once it switches to HD it doesn’t look as good as paradox as this might sound.

Long story short: Is there a standard quality export setting which suits traditional hand-drawn the best?