export project for After Effects

Hi, i was doing some research but i didnt see anything new about this.

any chance to have te hability to export the project for after effects? maintining the layers structure and the camera movement? not necesary the fx, because thats the idea, make those in after effects.


Hello! Does anyone from Toon Boom Monitor this forum for feature Requests??
Do you care about your users at all. I guess the answer is a Big Fat NO!
Here we are in 2022 and Still No export for After effects in Harmony Despite many requests from users. I seriously doubt that Harmony will ever implement this or any other request into their software.
They will also never see or respond to this message. However I have dicovered TVPaint has a very robust ability to export to After effects with all layers intact and camera. So I will be getting rid of my toonboom subscription and switching to TV paint I encourage everone who needs do porfessional level compositing on their projects to do the same . It is a shame because I like Harmony but they just do not care about their users!!!

Hi! Im a tvpaint user in fact. And I love the export in layer structure tvpaint has!

but if the company doesnt listen to us, maybe some user with script experience could do something.
We need some script that export each frame respecting layers. or some script that export each layer individually (or turning off all others)