export problem

whenever i try to export an animation into flash movie format it says something like an error occured with quicktime and it says to view readme but readme doesnt explain the problem at all


You might want to check at the following:


If you still have difficulties let us know.



thanks! that allowed me to export it in to flash but another issue popped up, if i play the animation in quicktime the audio doesnt play along with it. the same issue happened when i uploaded it to newgrounds.com

anything that would fix it??

Go back into your animation project and make sure your sound elements are set to streaming. If they aren’t that is most likely causing your problem. Once you set them to streaming you can republish your movie. -JK

hmm it worked better than before but it didnt completely fix it, what happens is i open the file with quicktime and the music plays before the animation starts, so it is offtime the whole time. but when the song ends it starts over at the right time and it plays fine. i dont know if that will affect its quality online though. is there anything else that could possibly be messing it up?

If you have a lot of graphics in your movie and you have a large sound file then you will most likely need to add a “pre-loader” up front to allow the content download to be completed before the movie starts playing. A pre-loader is a Flash scripted method of having the movie not start playing until all or a large part of the content is fully downloaded to the client on which the movie will play. Places like Newgrounds usually require a “preloader” on any animations. Unfortunately, TBS does not provide scripting so you will need to use Flash to add the “preloader”. The reason the movie seemed to get in sync on the second play as you described is that all the content was fully downloaded by that time. This is an issue with SWF formatted movies, it most likely wouldn’t be a problem if you created a MOV formatted movie. -JK

thanks for the help i`ll try it! i think there is a thing where you can add individual preloaders from newgrounds dot com, but how do i make one myself?