Export problem

Hi everyone,

I’m new here. I’m a french industrial designer, maybe not the kind of user that usually use ToonBoom products, working mostly in the consumer product field.
If you want to know exactly what I’m doing you can visit my website (http://www.hyltom.com). Anyway, I’m here to talk a little bit about SB. Most of the industrial design use sketch software like Sketchbook, ArtRage or Painter Sketch in order to produce appealing digital drawing as a preliminary research work for customer. All this software are nice and can mimic perfectly the traditional drawing tools. But if like me your sketch ability is not so good, it’s hard to get clean result. Most of the lines always appear to be checking. What i found fantastic with SB is the possibility to smooth, rotate, scale those lines. Now i wish we could be able to edit the lines like in Animate Pro…maybe in a future version. As I’m still evaluating this software before possible purchase, i want to know if there is a limitation in the demo version concerning the export. Why my sketch that look so nice in SB look so bad in Photoshop after export. And when my sketch look not good in SB (no antialiasing for some brush) after export in PSD, they look very clean. There is something i don’t understand here. For me the WYSIWYG is far from being true. Is this coming from the OpenGL?

Anyway, this software is really good and with some improvement it can become a fantastic tool for most industrial designer.

PS: You should advertise and concentrate more on your fantastic brush/vector tool. Quite unique and very efficient approach.

EDIT: I have forgotten to mention that I’m running Windows 7 32bits and use a Fujitsu Lifebook T Series.

To illustrate my export problem:

Can someone be kind enough to reply me?

What kind of export did you do? The way that it looks in Photoshop depends on the resolution of the export that you do. How big was the export resolution? If you make the resolution twice as big, does it look better?