Export problem

Hi Guys!

I have a little problem: If I import at any formats pictures for my TB project then after the exporting it does not appear in the movie (and in the render view). Why? What’s the problem? Please help me!

Thank you for your help! :wink:

Hmm I haven’t heard of this one before… If it does not show up in the Render View then it definitley won’t show up in the render.

Are you using the Pro version?

Silly question, but is that layer turned on? Or in Pro, is it connected to your composite?

Does the same thing happen with a fresh new scene when you try to import an image or is it just with that scene?

Is it possible that your computer is running out of memory?

We might need further troubleshooting on this one - if I can’t solve your issue then you can email support@toonboom.com