Export problem

I try to export .mov file in harmony 12, but when I press ok in the exporting window, it does nothing.

Please advise

The point is – it should work FILE->EXPORT->MOVIE
Just like FILE->EXPORT->IMAGES works
It does nothing. I can’t even get the video options or sound options to work.
WHY? When you pay 23$ monthly subscription the program should work. I sent an e-mail into a black void–I don’t know where it went but no response from them.

Are you using the latest version of QuickTime ?

I just have the same problem!

Works perfectly here:

LOL. I installed Quick Time and it works.I’m using Harmony on Windows PC so I never thought to install it.

I sounded so angry about this because I contacted customer support about this and a couple of issues and they never respond. They don’t even give you a support ticket… anyway, thanks for your help :slight_smile: