Export PDF format question

I am trying to output to pdf having one frame per page and i would like the dialog and the actions to appear on that same page - preferably below the image. I have selected just the actions and dialog to show ( i even tried reducing the image to 80% but only the dialog will show below the image and then the actions get put onto the next page. there is very little dialog and very little action - 1-2 lines each so how can i get it to all be put on one page? Is there a way to force it all to resize and fit on one page and avoid the 2nd page overrun?

Unfortunately there’s no way at the moment to resize the image so that you can fit all the captions on one page. We are constantly striving to improve the PDF export options, so I will mention your request to R&D as a feature request and they will take it into consideration for the next version of Storyboard.

Toon Boom Support