Export options on a 64 bit machine???? Beware

Well the software may run on 64 bit but it’s a boat in the basement. The only real export option is quicktime and there is no 64 bit quicktime. Really unhappy since I just blew a bundle on software and hardware. I’ve never seen such poor export options on a Pro level software. No frame sequence at all. Without frame sequence support and alpha channels it’s pretty unusable. Am I missing something? All I see are Flash formats, quicktime and open GL. Open GL is pretty useless except for pencil test slugs. What’s the point of all the power and no export options? Is it really just a high end Flash animator?


Have you tried using the Render network option along with a Write module instead of using the straight render movie option. Render network is actually the way to do frame sequence render and it should work without much difficulties.

On a side note be aware that the fact Quicktime is not yet 64 bits is one of the main reason why we can’t currently officialize the support of the 64 bits counterparts of the current Windows OS. If you have the option you should opt for a 32 bit version for the time being as indicated in the system requirements.

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Hey Belseth, frustrated eh?
This is how you make a render of sequence of images from Animate Pro:
Set the WRITE module to “Drawing” and select your preferred “Drawing Type” (TGA for instance).
When that’s done, you go to File > Render Network.
Your sequence of frames will be found in the Frames folder, within the project folder.
Most studios using Tonnboom software typically export as sequence of images and use Quicktimes for previewing. I guess people use Flash for web purposes.
Open GL rendering just exports what you see in Camera, mode minus the antialiasing. Good feature to have if you ever need it, but I hardly use that one.
The software also supports alpha channels on import AND export.

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