export open GL frame

Hi, trying to export a single frame/image file, such as a JPG, with blur or other effects, active. Is this possible? I tried exporting with a blur effect set in the network view however the blur effect did not work (it is visible in the Animate Pro software). I can’t find any other documentation concerning the open GL export feature… Help?




Try adding a write module at the end of your network (bellow the last composite module) and set it to your bitmap image export. Then use the Render Network option in File>Export.

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Ugo, thanks! I had a feeling I would have to got that route, and you’re right! It worked! Is there any other documentation concerning the open GL output and it’s capabilities, or is it mainly for simple, renderless image files?

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The OpenGL frame render is pretty much rendering what you see in your camera view when you are not using the render option. When you do final renders you should use either Render Movie or Render Network.



I have difficults with exporting image sequence in PNG in Animate Pro 2, all files had black background, I can’t make it transparency
It was possible in last version Toon Boom
May be somebody can help me, please, it’s very important
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You can’t export OpenGL frames with transparency, it’s a screen render.

If you want a file with transparency, render your network (i.e. a full render) to PNG4 or any other 4-channel bitmap format (the 4th channel is the transparency channel, by default bitmap export is to 3-channel RGB).

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I’ve found also how can I do sequence. The most difficult was found where I can sign right format (Network \ Write)
When your change there the format, quality and choose right direction you can do Export\ Render Network
May be someone else will need it also )