Export not working

I am having trouble exporting my movie and scenes. Export freezes up my TBS 4 and goes really slow, like it would take over 6 hours to export anything.

I use the AVI format.

I would like to export so I can see my film in Quick Time, Windows Movie Maker, and Windows Media Player.

SO which steps should I use, for successful export.

Thanks for anyone who can help.


This might not be related to the export but actually the project. First, how long is your project overall (frame wise) and is it all in one single scene.

Second if you have been using pencil a lot in your creation process you should go through all of your drawings, select them and do a Convert Line to Brush, this should lighten up the project pretty much. Else then that you may also want to flatten up everything you can to save some space.

I guess on the export side it also depend on the compressor you use. Using a None compressor would make the final export much faster but the file will be huge (probably expect a good amount of Gigs) where a really high compression compressor would allow you to get a much smaller file but the time to export will be dramatically increased.

For the file format it really is up to you, I think Windows Movie Maker only accept AVI from us so this pretty much limits the export format, this being said be aware that Quicktime’s default codecs for AVI are not that impressive so you might want to get some external codecs that are compatible with Quicktime and do a good job on AVI (the rendering of file is actually handled by Quicktime when you export from Toon Boom Studio).

Hope the information helps out.

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Thank you. Everything I’ve drawn is in pencil.

How do I convert pencil drawings to line brush?


This will be a tedious work but you will need to enter every drawing then select with the drawing select tool (Shortcut 1) then go in Tools>Convert Lines to Brush (Shortcut Cntrl+Shift+F for Window Cmd+Shift+F for Mac). Then go to the next drawing and do the same.

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Thanks :slight_smile: