Export Network / OpenGL Blurry

Hi all.

I have been searching and trying every setting and format possible (figure of speech) but in the end i do not get the desired result.

I have imported a PSD image and i export it with Render Network the end result is MUCH blurrier than what it looks like in ToonBoom, i have tried changing export format in the Write module and changing the settings for the layers antialiasing and import setting back and forth and nothing really seems to make the export image equal quality to what it looks in the software.

Now i started playing with OpenGL render and i can see that the exported image i have has much better quality and sharpness then the Render Network ones but i have no idea how i will make the OpenGL frames have transparant background.

Please help me solve this because it is driving me insane.



I just got a workaround for this issue but it is NOT anything i like or approve of having to do. I export the animations as a SWF file then i open it in Adobe Flash Professional and from there export movie as a PNG sequence and i end up with a sharp version of the animation with transparent background.

I still ask if anyone else have similar problems, have solved it in any other way, written their own export script etc etc. Please do add to this thread if you have anything of value.

Ok my workaround works but it is still not as sharp as the PSD but it is still sharper.

What does your render network look like?
Are there any effects that could be causing this?

What is the (pixel by pixel) resolution of the imported image?
How does this compare to the resolution of the project?