Export Movie with Burn-in Bug

I am using SBP version 20.1.0 Ever since upgrading to this version I’ve had all sorts of weird glitchy things happen, such as the following:
When exporting a movie, using the “Captions” tab, one can usually adjust settings for Text Colour and Bg Colour. But no matter which colour I choose (for text or for Bg) it remains BLACK text with NO BACKGROUND, when making a QT. It seems as if this option is simply frozen like that. I’ve even tried to change the Position (from bottom center to left or right or top) but it remains in the bottom center. Normally, I export using the TIMELINE WORKSPACE, but I’ve tried exporting from other workspaces as well (ie, Drawing Workspace). But no luck with the burn-in. Has anyone experienced this problem before and how might it be fixed, if fixable?

Are you using Windows or macOS?
Tested SBP 20.1 on Windows exporting a movie (.mov and .mp4). Changing the Captions Tab options (colour/BG) in the export menu worked fine for me.
I’d look at updating to SBP 22 if you can.

Thanks steenbeck for your feedback. A friend of mine pointed me in the right direction for the solution: “Preferences” pulldown menu (under EDIT menu). Select the Import/Export tab. In the middle of the page there are Burn-In settings.
It’s nice that it’s there, but kind of a clumsy spot to put it, considering there is an Export Movie window pop-up that already has a burn-in option, but apparently, that Captions option is only for Captions.
Anyways… all sorted out now. And such an easy fix… if you know where to look for it!