"Export Movie" gives artifacts, and SWF drops effects.

I’ve searched the forum, but all similar questions were at least 6 years old and none of them were really helpful.

I’ll try “export movie”, both with the default settings as well as in h.264, it exports well, but I get these incredibly gross and HIGHLY noticeable artifacts. Here are some examples:


Then I try exporting as SWF and processing to video form using Swivel, but all my effects (the only ones I used are gaussian blurs) disappear (not the objects that had the effects applied to, just the effects disappear).

I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong. Could really use some help because I’ve exhausted all the options I know of.

I’m not familiar with export settings, so I can’t be of much help there.
But SWF is vector based, and that won’t work with effects. Even cutters won’t.

Yeah, pretty much figured about the SWF. BUT WHY DO I GET THAT GROSSNESS WHEN EXPORTING?

Without seeing the project file it’s kinda hard to say what your settings/setups are. Could you cut out the frames of where its occurring and make it a separate file and post that here (the whole folder needs to be included, not just xstage).

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Maybe it’s cause your rendering it out as tgas?

I changed the render to PNG and rendered all the frames, don’t seem to see any of said artifacts:


Actually, when I render inside of toon boom, I don’t get the artifacts even with the default render settings. It’s when I EXPORT that I get them.

Right. I suspect it’s something in the outdated quicktime that toonboom uses to export out. What I recommend is changing the write note to PNG, then rendering out a png sequence, then export the audio by rendering out with only audio checked. After that assemble the sequence in something like premier and then continue on.

Alright, I’ll give it a try.


[EDIT]: it was a pain in the ass, but the png technique worked fine. :slight_smile:

Honestly that way of export is better than doing a movie. This way if any frames need fixing you can do so then before doing the full comp (or fix the combined frames in premier faster).