Export movie as PNG loses transparency

I am playing (it is not affecting my work) with exporting drawn objects in various formats.
I have drawn (in a single frame) a filled circle. With the default background color (scene properties).
I export this object (Export > movie) using the PNG settings
I then open this PNG file in Photoshop.

At this point some things are a little unexpected:

When I open the PNG file the layer in PS is called “index”. It is locked and I am unable to edit the layer at all (but I can move it around using the move tool?). I can not apply any effects to the layer.

If I change the stage background color in TBS and export the object as a PNG again, the object no longer has any transpency. It adopts the background color and full frame size? (i.e. it is no longer a circle rather a large rectangular layer.

Is this supposed to happen?

Using: Toon Boom Studio V3.5 Build 59 / G4 iMac OSX 10.4.8 / Photoshop CS.

Recently I rendered a little movie as PNG image sequence.

When I import one of these images into PS I get the “Missing Profile” box,
but that doesn’t really matter much, “just leave as is” or Assign profile and click OK.
The Layer is called Background and locked. (didn’t matter in my case either
because I didn’t need a transparent background).

Works all fine and imports nicely back into TBS with some effects applied, if needed.
(I just used the sequence for compositing in FC).

Why your image is called “index” in PS, and your object in TBS
adopts the background colour and becomes rectangular, I have no idea.
I presume this isn’t supposed to happen.

If one imports PNGs into PS from a rendered image sequence created in TBS
I presume the background will be white by default (no transparency).

To delete the background in PS you might have to change the locked Background first,
go to Layer/New/Layer From Background.

If you have a lot of images you might think about creating an “Action”.

If I export my movie in TBS and under Options choose PNG with Millions of Colours+,
I have a QuickTime movie with transparent background.

If I export this movie “Movie to Image Sequence” and under Options choose PNG
these images import nicely into Photoshop (named Layer 0) with transparent background,
and import nicely into Toon Boom Studio with transparent background as well.


the indexed image is by definition reduced to a smaller color palette: 256 colors or less (8 bit). something went wrong with the color mapping. either an image format or any software isue…

Ah you guys are good.

The solution to keeping the transparency was to set the export settings options to “Millions of colors+” (as per Nolans reply).
Then when I import this into PS, my object is presented in a single editable layer with a transparent background.

(Prior to this I was trying to export with 256 colors - as mentioned by gester).

Thanks guys.

I found this out later:
The layer mentioned above called Index in Photoshop was in fact a ‘indexed color’ layer (in PS Image > Mode). If I changed this to RGB then I could edit it.