Export motion layers to pdf

Hi,I have a problem exporting shots with motion layers (for example, a character who walks in/out). When exporting in quicktime, we can see this ch “walking” from one side to the other, but in pdf version, the panel appears empty, without any pose of the ch.Any way to see an “Initial” and “Final” pose of character’s path?Many thanks!Best regards

Hi panbg,“Export to PDF” does not display animation, only the first frame of each shot and any relevant info associated to it. You can edit the info displayed by choosing “Edit Format” and changing the settings, however you can’t display the first and last key frame of an animated element, especially since you can have multiple animated elements in the same shot all with their own durations. The images serve only to identify each shot in your animation. Note that you can display the duration of each shot, by checking “Edit Format > Storyboard tab > Panels tab > Display Shot Duration”. Hope this helps.

  • by default, pdf displays only the 1st frame of each panel - you can’t get motion to display in a static pdf, true…- but you can visually represent the movement by adding snapshot markers to your panel in the Timeline:- in the timeline, drag your red slider bar on the panel to the spot of your char’s START pose -on your top menu bar, go to [Storyboard > add snapshot] -in the timeline, drag your red slider bar on the panel to the spot of your char’s STOP pose (place slider bar as close as possible to poses)- now when you export pdf, the shot will be displayed as 2 seperate panels, one for each snapshot you placed on your panel. So you’ll see your ch at dif positions -voila, Pdf with “motion”!for more info: from your Storyboard help menu (F1), click on Search and type Snapshot - this will display:Adding Snapshot Markers to a Panel -romi