Export missing 1 audio track

I have three characters, two of which can be heard in the MOV export. One is silent. What gives? I’m using Harmony Essentials btw.

I have three lip-synched tracks. One of them does not export as .mov file. Seems to be same problem as yours DannyChaos…

However, all 3 tracks work perfectly in .swf export.

OS X 10.10.4
Harmony 12 Essentials
Latest version of Quicktime

Suggestions, anyone?


As mentioned above, our problem was very similar to yours. We finally deleted the offending sound file and re-imported it, which worked.

We did not re-synch the lips. Instead, we adjusted the start point of the newly imported sound file to match the existing lip synch.

Perhaps the original file was corrupted during the first import. Don’t know. Hope it never happens again.