Export lines only?

Quick question. Is there a way to export only the Line Layer of every layer?
Thanks in advance

I thought about the intersecting lines but left it unaddressed not knowing what the OP intended.

You could replace the colour palette with white if the goal was animated outlines.

I don’t know how familiar with the software the OP is but I suspect the node approach could feel more foreign and difficult to grasp for someone relatively inexperienced compared to using the Layer Properties option. On the other hand some people may immediately feel right at home with the process using node modules.

(Speaking in terms of Under Layer, Line Layer, Colour Layer and Over Layer.)

If you have your lines consistently on the same layers and exclusively on their own layers you can go into Layer Properties / Drawing where you can choose what information you want the software to read then choose only the layers with the line art.

To keep it simple use one layer for the lines. You could have lines on more than one layer but the layers with lines need to be exclusively lines for this to work.

You can also try to put a single Line Art module after a composite or group with all the art you want to extract only the line from to see how it works for you. That might be more practical than deactivating the layers you don’t want to export via Layer Properties. Note that if you have a cut-out character or layers passing over each other you’ll have superimposed lines. If you draw colour and line on the same layer you should be able to do the same using a Colour-Override module to read only the colour of the line.

You can also have Line Art and Colour Art modules connected to one or several layers with a Write module for each Line or Colour Art if, for some reason, you’ll need to export several layers with lines and colour separated.

For this and many other purposes that you might not think of when you start animating I think it’s always a good idea to take advantage of Harmony’s sublayers.

Luis Canau