Export image sequence

When I try to export an image sequence ( I have scanned images, vectorized them and applyeg optical registration) I got the message

"Runtime error!
Program:…es/Toon Boom Animation/Toon Boom Animate Pro/nt/bin/Animate Pro exe
This application has been requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.
Please contact application’s support team for more information."

So every time when I want to export image seq, I have to export it to swf, than open it in Flash and then I render image sequence…which is not the way to do it and it takes me much more time to do some simple task… I have follow instructions in Animate help, but it happens over and over again…So, have I missed some important step in exporting image seq or what could be a reason for error?

PS. I almost forgot… Is trere a way to remove, erase or whatever, peg holes after they been aligned with optical registration? If I want to move some element up, I do not want to see black pegholes in the center of the camera wiew…

A runtime error occurs when your computer runs out of memory to perform the operation. Do you get the runtime error right away, when you even try to render just one frame? Or does it occur part way through the process? One thing you can try to do is render a smaller section of the sequence, then close the program and reopen it to clear the memory cache and then render another section.

For optical registration, there is an option you can set to remove the peg holes. When you vectorise your images, double-click on the vectorisation preset you’re using to open up the vectorisation options. Browse over to the “Help” tab and you’ll see the multitude of vectorisation options that can be set. Yo’re looking for “-remove_peg_bars”. Type -remove_peg_bars into the “Advanced Options” field at the bottom of the window. Then hit save and now do the vectorisation again. Does it remove the holes?

If you’ve already scanned and vectorised a bunch of drawings without doing this and you want to remove the holes later, the best thing to do is make a permanent selection of the peg holes with the selection tool, then with “Apply to multiple drawings” enabled, hit delete. This should delete that selection off of all the drawings.

Thanks a lot, it really helps to type “remove_peg_bars”, didn’t know that.
Errors for exporting image sequence accurs when I trying to export jpeg image seq, but with png sequence everytning works fine, no matter how many frames. Once I have manage to render all three frames for jpeg sequence, I got just three totally black pictures.
About removing peg holes after they have been vectorized…I try to do what you described, but it doesn’t work. I also saw the video tutorial to do the same with the “drawing-clean up-remove art outside/inside selection” but it also gave no result…I see the field that I have selected, but complete drawing then gets the same colour(pink) and I can not delete it either with the mouse or “edit-delete” or with the rightclick-delete…is there some important step that I didn’t pay attention?
Anyway, thanks a lot LillyV

If you’re seeing totally black pictures… just verify for me, is that also what you see in the Camera View when you do a render preview? click on the blue flower on the lower-left hand side of the camera view, then click the icon two icons to the left of it, a circle on a target, to actually do the render. Do you also see all black when you do this render preview?

If you do, then that’s probably because you don’t have a colour card. Animate renders transparency as black, and so if you have black drawings on a transparent background, it will render all black. Is it possible that this is what’s happening?

When you’re selecting your peg holes to delete them, make sure that you have the select tool active instead of the transform tool. If it turns pink, usually that means that you have the transform tool active.

I just verified again on a test here that it works. Do the following procedure:

1) select the select tool (black arrow)
2) you probably want to make sure you have a marquee select instead of lasso - this will give you a nice rectangle to select your peg holes with
3) click on the permanent selection icon in the tool properties window for the select tool
4) make your selection
5) click on the “apply to multiple drawings” icon in the tool properties window for the select tool
6) hit delete.

It works!!! Just as you said… but I have already agreed with client to deliver him PNGs, thanks anyway.
About the removing arts outside/inside the selection…When scanning I usually uncheck “create Symbols for imported items” so it is maybe the reason why I can not remove parts of image(drawing could not be edited outside of symbol, I guess). When editing the drawing inside symbol, it works, but I have to do it one by one, I guess there is no option to break apart symbol to drawing like ctrl+B in Flash. Anyway I have learn something usefull for future scanning.
LillyV, thanks a lot!