export hell!!!!!

Hello all,

I’ve just started using toon boom so am new to this…i have toon boom 4.5 and after completing my first scene i wanted to export it…it was all going well untill it got to 50% then nothing happens toon boom just stops responding…i then tried it again with the task manager open and noticed that toon boom fluctuates between running and not responding…i tried exporting an incomplete scene i was also working on, with the same settings and it was fine!!!

The scene in question is made up of 52 individual tree and a camera that goes through them all…running at 120 frames.

any help would b lovely


Sounds like you are trying to stuff 100 pounds of material in a 5 pound container. I suspect that you are overloading the render engine or exceeding your systems memory capabilities or both. The combination of so many layers (elements) and the amount of tweening that it sounds like you are asking the software to calculate is most likely the issue.

You may want to be more creative with your animation and rethink your conceptual approach. 2D animation is not designed for you to create virtual worlds and then navigate a camera thru them. Even 3D software requires huge processors and render farms for that sort of business. You can achieve the same visual effect with 5 to 6 elements and doing more drawing changes to build up your fly thru of your forest. But it is a very different mindset from trying to build a model of a forest an then film that model. -JK

yes i thought that may have been the case…oh well better tone it down a bit…thanks for the advice though :slight_smile: really apreciate it

cheers olly