export hebrew to PDF

Hi,I tried to export a pdf file with hebrew notes I wrote for my drawingsbut it came out as ??? I tried to change the fonts and tried to import a TTF file in the edit box, but nothing worked.does TBSBP supports hebrew text ?Thank’sRonen

Hi Ronen,Were you using one of the default font or were you using a font that you had added to your machine. Also, does the text come out as ??? inside the drawing area if you add that text tool.When you look in storyboard pro does the text show up properly?Also have you tried to load the font by editing your PDF format and manually load your font in the General tab?Best regards,Ugo

Hi Ugo.I was using the default fonts and when I tried to use a font from my machine the same ??? appeared only in a different fontI tried to use the text tool and it did show up on the PDF file, but there is another problem that I also encounterd in ToonBoom Studio, the text typed backwardesfor example : toon boom - noot moob… only in hebrewThe text show up properly in storyboard pro the problem when exportingWhen I tried to change the fonts in pdf an error box about a unsuitability sowhed upBest regards,Ronen

Hi Ronen,We are currently investigation the issue with the export. Concerning the text I want to clear out something. Since Hebrew is written right too left Toon Boom should have actually been mooB nooT. If that is not the case we would need to know your setup (which is the OS language, how if your keyboard setup, which font are you using) along with how to reproduce the situation.Best regards,Ugo