export frame limit?

hi all -

wondering if there is a export limit to the number of frames one can push out to a swf file … i have a job of some 41,000 frames in one file broken out into some 20 segments, where the largest in some 4500 frames. when i export the file out to a swf, it plays until frame 16001, then stops, the audio continues, but the imagery stops… i have had other jobs around the same size and don’t remember having this issue… maybe it was because i used separate files then imported the exported swf files into a new file where they were joined… if there is a limit, do i use scene manager to output a few at a time, then import them all into a new file? thanks, d … tb4.5 on a mac


There is no numerical limit to the amount of frames but you are limited by the memory that you have available. It is possible that the software is running out of RAM during the export process.

Breaking up the export into smaller pieces should help this situation.

hi Simon -

breaking it up did the trick though i was surprised i had the issue as i have 4 gigs of memory … but no matter … question though, now that i have three swf files, any good program out there that will allow me to bring them back together into a single stream? I tried importing them into a new file and output them as a single swf, but ran into the same stoppage problem… because I have some camera pans and other effects, I need to add a text marquee as an after effect so it is not affected by any of the effects… thanks, dan

There are a few applications that can be used to combien swf movie.

One of them is called swfcombine, it should do what you are looking for.