Export frame layout with transparancy


I am facing some difficulties with the export functions of Harmony V12.2.0

I need to export the different frames of my animation in png with a transparency background.

  1. file → export → OpenGL frame → format png4
    the result is a png with transparency background but my character is also now transparent … it looks like there is no black color

  2. file → export → layout image → format png4
    the result is a png with a transparency background and my character is correctly displayed.

But i can’t make this function work for all my frames in contrary than option 1)

Some ideas ?

Thx a lot !

Open the Write Module and choose your Destination-Folder and Drawing-Type (PNG4).
(Number 4 represents the Alpha-Channel (Transparent Background).

In Harmony go to File / Export / Render Write Nodes…
Check All Frames or Selected Frames, then click OK.