Export Format

I have the trial version of Harmony 12 essentials, and have found that creating things in it is much easier than in anime studio. But, unlike anime studio, Harmony can’t export straight into mp4, or at least so far as I have seen. I can’t export in .mov, when i do the files do not appear. And the .swf files won’t run on anything other than just dropping them into google chrome, a0nd I can’t seem to convert them to mp4 without getting an error about the file being corrupted. Please help me, .swf files are of absolutely no help to me, nothing on my computer will run these files without error, and i want to be able to post my animations to YouTube to share with my friends. I was really considering buying harmony but if I can’t use it to make animations for YouTube then it’s of no use to me.

Thanks, you were right i didn’t have quick time installed, everything is working now. Granted I had to reinstall everything to make it work.

If you have problems exporting to .mov maybe you don’t have Quicktime installed on your system? Quicktime/mov and mp4 tend to be more or less the same file if you use same settings and codec. As far as I know, you can upload directly to Youtube or Vimeo a Quicktime file. In any case, there are free converters, such as Mpeg Streamclip, which offer you a lot of compression, size and format options, that you can use to convert your ‘master’ file from Harmony. So you can keep a high quality file and make lower quality version for whatever platform you want to publish them.

Luis Canau