Export fla file to third party product like adobe flash?

Can I export projects from Harmony as fla files for use in flash? What I know just now is, that is possible to import fla file from Adope flash.
My question is important for me and maybe other people who want or need to work with Harmony & fla files in a other Adope flash program. Our examinator in the course for Flash & Animation want see the work files and see how i did animations. They can only see it in a fla. file.

It should be a great feature if that is possible?

Mission Impossible


Thanks for the answer. I didnt expected an answer with Mission imposible lol"!

Why is it impossible? Your answer is not professionell for a support?

For me and others seem the litle strange that the user of Toon Boom software can not export FLA files when you can import them into harmony . Do you really mean that this product that costs a lot of money, and I am my self invested in these products from Toon Boom can not harmonize with products other than Adobe Ae or Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop ? What’s the problem anyway? Is Adope so world leaders that no other animation product can even compete with Adobe Flash ?

Toon Boom products who cant adding Interactivity buttons for example? So we customer who pay a lot of money for a “great” product dont need to ask about exporting projects to adobe flash?

You may not be aware that .fla is a proprietary format maintained by Adobe and used only by Flash which have not made all the details of this format public.

This from Wikipedia: “Other formats related to SWF authoring in the Adobe tool chain, like FLA, which is the editable version of SWF used by Adobe’s Flash, but not by other Adobe tools that can also output SWF, albeit with fewer features,[35] remain without a public specification.”

Si I would expect that the Adobe Flash exporter is always up-to-date.
They are in fact the only authority on what up-to-date .fla is.

You need export editable the source file *.fla,
in Harmony 12
Importing FLA Files
You can import and export files from Flash to Harmony to transfer character rigs, props and backgrounds. Flash import is
available on all three editions of Harmony on Windows and Mac OS X. It is not possible to do so on Linux versions.

p.s.I am not support staff now, because I just quit from Toon Boom China dealers.

I answer those questions because I’m good at Toon Boom Harmony.
I planned to write a book about Learn Toon Boom Harmony software with Loong. this isn’t not a joke,I’m serious.
I use TBH five year.

I’m glad to communicate about TBH with you! Thanks


Okay Thanks so much, there is a small way to open a “door”. And I just bought Harmony 11 uhhh… and now, how to change from Harmony 11 to 12 without any more costs? This answer you cant answer on but great that you answered so long with an good explanation. So what i see so far is flash CC 2104 for cuctomers who working to make flash at web or games. Toon Boom depends on a Nodal System and is a clean animator software.

Now, yes, both Flash and Toon Boom export SWF. But Adobe flash SWF exporter is always up-to-date with the version of Flash Pro you own. Toon Boom AP and Studio are behind however I believe it to be intentional. So no matter what flash you export from toon boom, your flash version regardless of how old it is will import it.