export fails

hi all -

trying to export a clip to youtube - went the export to movie, did the combine of the three segments into a single stream using Quicktime, and it worked fine… then i noticed that youtube will not accept .mov files with the settings I had, so I did an export in QT to mpeg4 and no audio … no matter what i tried, QT would not see the audio, although the stream I was exporting from did … so I decided to go into TB3.5 and do a movie export using h264 - went to options, clicked on settings, selected the h264, and ok’d myself back to the main export screen … when I hit the enter key to gen the movie, nothing happens… the screen vanishes and nothing gets rendered … I know the export works because I did a flash export and it ran fine … is there something in the movie parms I need to set to get a mpeg4 or h264 rendered output suitable for youtube? Thanks in advance … dan

I heard Youtube has like a lite version of premiere for editing / converting videos?
i am a member but haven’t looked for this online tool.