I am literally at wits end here. I’ve been working for a few weeks on a special animation that I just finished today finally, but whatever I do, TBS will not export my file.
I can only get it to about 6% on export for an AVI file, when suddenly a message pops up saying
"Export failed, file might be in use with another application"
For the last few months, my exports have been kinda sketchy, so I usually go with AVI because it usually pulls through…but not this time.
It’s really annoying that I can’t export in any of the other formats…but it’s REALLY annoying that I’m up at 5 in the morning trying to get this 1,780 frame animation onto my facebook @_@.
I’ve tried making copies of it but it still does not work. Is the animation too large?
Pleaseeeeee help I am about to go crazy.

Hi there,

This message will usually come up if you are trying to save your exported movie to a folder on your computer where you don’t have read/write priviledges. Try changing where you are exporting your movie to, to so see if this helps.

What is your problem with the other exports? Also, what version of the software are you using?