Export failed

Whenever I try exporting a file…
It says…

"Export failed, the file might be in use by another application."

How do I stop this?!?!?! ???


Were exactly are you exporting to? Be aware that if you export a movie and have it opened after export, make sure that you close it before you export any updated version of the movie since an opened movie file cannot be overwritten which would cause that kind of error.

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Thanks for replying! :wink:
But I found the mistake yesterday ;D and forgot to say… :o

I guess I accidently changed forward slash to a backwardslash or something like that… that was the problem

Anyways thanks! :smiley:

I’m having the same problem but there are no issues with file name/opened files. Can it be a resolution problem? The background image is jpg.


Normally this message will appear in the above mentioned circumstances. Another case is if you don’t have full permission to write to the disk where you are attempting to save your exported file. Make sure the path you select points to a drive you are aloud to modify.

It shouldn’t have anything to do with resolution or image format. What format are you trying to export?