Export error message

I was exporting with no problems then suddenly started getting the following error message:The following errors occurred:–Export to /users/hd/desktop/outputstd::exception–Could not create movie file:std::exception–There were errors during the export. Export ended unsuccessfully.It happens most often when I use a movie option other than Animation.I’m using a MacBook, Storyboard Pro 2, 2.13 GHz processor, 2GB RAM, Snow Leopard OSX.Thanks.

Thank you, Lilly. Your suggestion worked but, strangely, only after I changed the destination for the file from the Macintosh HD to the desktop. That might be an issue with my computer. Whatever the reason, I’m just glad I can output again! ;D

Hi,I am getting the same error. And it doesn’t work even when I change the setting to ‘All’, or browse to a new folder to export or even export to desktop. It’s quite stressful because I am a day away from my deadline… and I did not expect this at all at this stage. :frowning: Please help. I am using Mac OS X lion. Bought the macbook and downloaded the software 3 weeks ago.

Usually this option is tied to the keyframing options in the QuickTime export. You need to set it to keyframe all. If you try to set it to keyframe every __ frames then you’ll get an error.

Let me know if this solves your issue.


Sometimes you can get errors if you try to save to a path that has special characters in it.

I would suggest writing to support@toonboom.com if you can’t get it to work.