export error and open error

hi i just finished one of my project and trying to export it but it’s not working. when you exports the movie there’s two loading bar appears right? my one loading bar is fully finished everytime when i tried but another one is not even started. in that situation i clicked enter key then writing to disk error message appears with huge warning window. i must export this thing until monday this is so frustrating. how can i solve this problem

and i can not export pdf with another language. as you can see im not english user. i wanna know how to export pdf with another language.

i said one of my project because i have second project. this one is not finished yet. i was very close to finish that thing but now i can’t open it. project was packed file. 4hours ago i realized my license is about to renew, so i decided cancle it because i knew that i have 4days until toonboom stop the service and i’ll finish my projects in today. but when i cancle my renew and clicked the export button of first project, my second project jammed. i could see the drawing in the rayer window but it turns just white canvas in camera view, all brushs stoped work. i thought i can turned window down and turn it back, but now it doesn’t open at all. when i clicked file ‘could not open’ message appears . is that a license problem? if i reorder my license than my file would open? i really need the solution.