Export dimensions problem

Hi (again) :slight_smile:

I’m having a slight problem when exporting movies. I’m exporting and creating them at 853x480 as recommended by Vimeo for SD widescreen. I noticed that Windows reports my exports are 854x480 when I check their properties and if I look closely there’s a vertical, grey single pixel line on all movies on the right hand edge. It’s not really noticeable apart from if I use a white colour card then it really shows up.

There’s an example of the problem on the front page of my site right now. The bar can clearly be seen at around 36 seconds in when I’m using the colour card layer (please don’t slate me for the animation, this is all new to me) -

I’ve tried various options in the export dialogue such as different codecs and manually specifying the export resolution (the Animate file itself is set to 853x480). Has anybody experienced anything like this? Do I need to export at a slightly different resolution to remove the bar?

It seems that setting it to export at 854x480 does work for Vimeo. 853x480 exports to 854x480 but with that dead line of pixels :-\

I couldn’t see it in your video.

Yeah, sorry, as soon as I’d rendered a working version I deleted the original on Vimeo.

Make sure that you’re setting the resolution of your scene in the Scene Settings dialog, not the Quicktime Export window. You can find the scene settings dialog in Scene > Scene Settings…

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