Export, codec, lossless?

Hiya, just wondering if there’s way of adding more export compression types. At the moment I’m making an animation with lots moving blurs and colour gradients.

I’ve done a few tests and my exporting isn’t going too well, I’ve tried all the compression types and it’s either glitchy or poor quality compared to the render view.

I’ve tried the animation codec, which is what I normally use, but that also messes up.

The closest setting I have to the original render view in animate is codec, Photo = JPEG, and is 98% to the original render view.

However when I export that to other video editing programs, the blurs and background messes up again. And is going to make it hard for me when I need to post the thing together.

I think if I had lossless video codec, I’d have more luck keeping quality and converting it to other codecs.

So is there anyway to get lossless video codec in animate? Or any other lossless type video codec that keeps it as close to the original as possible.

I know the file size will be big, but that isn’t an issue for me, I want this to be HD blu-ray quality in the end.

Computer: Imac

Program: Toon Boom Animate 2

Version: Build 7.9.0 (6015)

Processor 3.4 GHz Intel Quad Core i7

Memory 12 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048 MB

Software Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5

Your best bet for maintaining image quality is to render the animation as an image sequence using PNG or Targa and import that sequence into your video editing software.

I have indeed tried that before I posted this. I’ve had a bit of trouble getting the timing right in final cut x as it’s a new program for me.

In my previous animation program animation video code was second and the one called lossless was best. I’m a bit surprised that toonboom animate doesn’t have it.

Was just wondering if there was a way to import video codecs to toonboom for more ease of use in future to save some time.

Video export is handled by QuickTime, as far as I can tell. You can always set compression to ‘None’, I am sure it creates huge files, though

That sounds like exactly what I’m looking for, however there is no none option for me.

Hm, I’ve noticed new codecs have come up since I installed final cut.

Animation, millions of colours +, quality best. Is what I normally use for other projects, however just doesn’t handle it on the project I’m working on, becomes distorted.

The quicktime codecs that show on the machine are pulled from Quicktime. So if you have the free set of Quicktime installed, you will get the normal subset. If you have Quicktime Pro or Final Cut installed, then more codecs will show up.

You can try putting it on Animation, Millions of Colours +, quality Best.


I’m not sure what to suggest here, so you can try support@toonboom.com and they can take a look at your project to see what’s special about it.