Export camera pans to jpgs : funky formats

When i export a horizontal or vertical pan from my animatic
the jpgs come out all weird:
not in the filmratio i’ve set for the project
but with extra space around it and in any ratio possible.
This doesn’t happen with truck-in or outs.

i’ve tried a bunch of export parameter combinations
but now i’m lost

below is an image to explain further.


As a student and freelancer I need to be able to export jpegs with dialog. This is a must for reviewing small changes in a scene!

Pdf’s can be clunky, please update this SBPro developers - amazing program cheers :smiley:

Mike :
if your dialog is in a black rectangle under the artwork,
(so not like subtitles over the art)
you can create a scene ratio for both the art and dialogue box
and set that dialog box as a top layer in SB and align it ‘pin to camera’
that way it will always stay in frame during cam movements.
Any txt written on that layer will also stay neatly in place.

Use ‘smart add panel’ to have that camera pinned layer in every panel.

i’v managed to reduce the amount of weird ratios even more
by setting a limited size for the bitmap exports in edit > preferenes > import/export.

It’s not only for feature film clients that ask for jpg exports,
Tv series clients also ask for those.

I made a custom shortkey for exporting ‘current frame’
This already speeds up the process a bit.

I thought it was possible but it seems you are right.
I have just tried the different settings in hte Export to Bitmap window.
And it seems like it is not possible to export one jpeg pr panel with only the cameraview (just like when exporting a mov file but only with one jpeg pr panel). And I don’t think it is possible with the PDF export either.
This is truly strange because If we look at these examples
and your own

It seems like it is the way that all professional feature film storyboarders prefer.


If it is not possible it is certainly a feature request, and it also could be nice if it was possible to export a JPEG where the dialog was written underneath in a white/black box like in the examples.
I think the Toonboom developers should look at how the storyboarders from Dreamworks/Disney post their work on the blogs and make sure it is possible to export a storyboard from Storyboard pro this way

Kind Regards Mads Juul

My example in that link was made in photoshop and i’m pretty sure Rad and Toby also used the same.
So right now i have to resize those weird exports in photoshop too.
A bit of a time-waster really .

And that dialogue in a black box options is a great idea!


i found an indirect way to do export them like i want:
by selecting ‘export current frame’
and thus overwriting the already batch-rendered wonky ratios one by one in the good ratio.
This is faster (but equally boring) than resizing in photoshop.
If the shot hasn’t too many panning panels tho!

But using ‘export current frame’ you still would have to do it for every single panel? also time consuming.

Another workaround could be to use Export to movie using jpeg and using one clip pr scene and then delete the extra jpeg after. or maybe only make panel with the duration of 1 frame.

But still a workarounds.

It seems like Storyboard pro have been developed to be able to export storyboards for television and not so much for feature film production. Again I will recommend the development team to study the storyboard examples in the links in my previous post and make Storyboard pro capable of exporting storyboards in the same way.


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