Export Bitmap Fixed Frame size

Hi, I’ve been hopelessly trying export my storyboards as a jpeg sequence with the same frame size 2.35:1. When you have camera movements in the scene, the render will export the entire frame to the size of the camera movement. Which breaks the frame size. I tried every option and it does the same, even with the option to “maintain size through scene” which doesn’t seem to work. I just need to have my sequence rendered in the same frame size so that the panels can be looked back to back in my portfolio website without changes in frame. Camera movement should export in the same frame size just with the first key rendered and the last one, to imply the camera movement in the least frames possible.

Is there any way to fix this or is this an option that is not available in toonboom?

So there is no way to export your storyboard as a jpeg sequence without forcing to show camera movements on the panels? Even when you turn off the camera movement outline the program still renders the frame as a camera movement frame bigger than the 2:35 aspect ratio frame of the film. I need to be able to step through the panels without a change in frame. It’s such a basic request that i can’t believe storyboard pro doesn’t have it.

We’re having this exact same problem at our animation studio. Our artist has used camera moves throughout a sequence which we’re now trying to send to editorial, but we’re unable to export bitmaps that match the view seen in SBP.

To be completely clear, we’d like a 1:1 export of individual panels as bitmap files that match exactly what is seen in SBP with Camera Mask enabled. This should be trivial, but our team has not been able to figure it out. There are all manner of optoins in Export Bitmap, and no combination of them seem to export properly. I’ve also tried changing the keyframes to stop motion keyframes, and this didn’t help us, unfortunately. The only thing that works is to export Current Image, but that can only export one panel at a time, and not a range of panels—so it would be extremely time-consuming.

Toon Boom, how do we go about this? What are the required settings to export bitmaps that match what the camera sees?


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Hi folks,

and thanks nettalahav for the workaround. That really helped me, having the same problem as Amerca20. This issue annoyed me for ages! So thanks again.

But, erm, to be honest, it’s just that: a workaround. Not a SOLUTION at all!

Is this really the end of the story? So, do I have to decide if I want to make an animatic with working camera moves OR a file for exporting single panels? For a small project it seems to be fine to switch all camera keyframes to the stop motion function and back again if needed. But if I have a full 11 min episode (or more) with proper camera moves all around and it’s required to deliver an animatic AND a Jpeg sequence (or whatever), I really don’t want to do that!

So THAT would be a task for improving STB Pro: implement a switch-to-stop-motion-function in the bitmap export window. I would love that!

All the best and cheers from Germany,


How to Export a storyboard with camera movement in a fixed frame size

This is so simple I just don’t understand why it’s not in any of the manuals.


The reason it exports a large image is because of the camera *tween, all you need to do is make the camera movement a *stopmotion keyframe.

This is how:
make sure you have actual Keyframes for all the camera movements you want to show up in the render, and make sure these are at the exact start of each panel.
select the camera keyframes
go to the camera tool properties window, and click the “open function editor” icon (looks like a spline)
select all the transform frames in the graph
click the “stop motion Keyframe” icon on the right (strait line with 2 dots)
Do this to all camera movement in your storyboard

Now when you export the storyboard the final files will all be cropped to the file resolution.