Export Audio (or moviefiles with aodio) in separated scenes

Hello to everybody.I am new with Stbd Pro working in a spanish Animation Studio.The animators are animating scene by scene (3Danimation).They get the storyboard and the animatic (out of Storyboard Pro)… and the exact audiofies appropiate to their scene.Now Stbd Pro seems not to be able to export audioin separated scenes… (While exporting it via EDL/AAF it exports Movies without audio.)So the reality is that in all studios they extract the audiofile manually!That takes time and produces mistakes…Isn’t it possible to manage the audio export in seperated scenesautomatically (like the moviefiles in EDL/AAF export)?Maybe someone can help me or tell me an other way…1000 thanks Harald

Hello,Thanks for you answer LillyWe have exactly the same issue as Harald.In our studio, we need to export 1 wav per scene, (in order to import it in Autodesk Maya too) and unfortunately, we have to export scene per scene a quicktime mov. (480px width is enough with sound) and then, we extract the sound by converting the mov file to wav file.The second part of the issue (converting each scenexxx.Mov to scenexxx.wav) is resolved.But the first part is so tedious… 285 scenes one by one… Isn’t it possible to script or create a smart plugin in order to open storyboard pro and export scene1 named scene1.mov then scene2 to scene2.mov etc…I found a solution in batching the second part of our issue:Here is the way I use.How to convert .mov files (Quicktime) to .wav files automatically(batch processing):First Donwload: RiverPast Audio Converter PRO® (Free Trial)http://download.riverpast.com/download/audioconverterpro_wmf_setup.exeThis trial version is perfect (and free). There is only a limitationof the length of the files we can convert (4 min max by file).But we don’t care. A 4 min length scene is exceptional.And the soft is so easy to use.1. Drag all your .mov files (or click “add files”)2. Check the settings. (don’t reeconde if it is possible)3. Then, clic “Convert”[url=http://img228.imageshack.us/i/forumhowtoconvertmovtow.jpg/]http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/9347/forumhowtoconvertmovtow.th.jpgIf anyone has an idea to batch (maybe with anoter soft, by using edl aaf?)the first part of our issue.? thanks a lot by advance… :slight_smile:

What the EDL/AAF export is designed for is for use with Final Cut. So if you imported that file into final cut, what you would get is a sound track and you would also get the movie files for each scene that would be synched with the overall soundtrack.

I understand what you need to do for the purposes of synching your animation with the animatic.

First I would recommend still doing the EDL/AAF export so that you can use this as your final sound in your editing software.

Then you can do one of two things.
1) Use Final Cut to export individual movies for each scene
2) Use Storyboard Pro to export individual movies for each scene

If you want to use Storyboard Pro to do this, you would do a File > Export > Movie, and then select the scene that you want to export to export just that scene.

Unfortunately there is no batch process to export all of the scenes as individual movies with sound automatically.