Export Audio Issue

Toon Boom Storyboard 2 is giving me lots of trouble with exporting Quicktimes. It doesn’t matter which codecs you use or in what combination, the exported Quicktime has no sound OR the sound is garbled! The picture is fine, but without audio this software is useless. My deadline is looming and I need this fixed. Any suggestions!!!

Hi Lilly, thanks for getting back to me. Well, you’re probably right - the mp3 audio track I am using may be the issue - I’ve had the same thing happen in Final Cut Pro with mp3s. Although, in SBP 1 we used mp3s all the time without issue. Yes, the audio exports without errors. It doesn’t matter what scene/audio combo I try - it is problematic.The really weird thing is that I can try ten times to do an export and the audio fails each time, then on the eleventh try it exports fine and will be fine for the next ten exports and then it screws up again! No rhyme or reason? For Act III of this script I will open up a new project and use a .wav file instead - will let you know how it goes.

Did the audio import without errors? If you try to take one of the same sounds, and import it into a brand new scene, then scribble a few panels and export this scene - does it work in this scene? Or is it only in the one scene where the sound won’t export?

What file format is the sound file? .aif or .wav works best because sometimes .mp3 doesn’t behave well with Quicktime.

If I can’t resolve your issue here, feel free to write in to support@toonboom.com for further help.


It’s a Quicktime issue with mp3s, so there’s not much that we can do to address that on our end. I’m not sure what the rhyme or reason is why it works sometimes and doesn’t work other times. :-\ Let me know how the .wav test works!