Export as SWF?

My SWF files are not coming out looking right. Sometimes they’re extra thick lines or the deformers don’t work or it look like z depth is off, etc

If I export any other way the animations is fine.

I’d like to export swf files but wrong with the the SWF exporting?

I have windows. By the by.

My understanding is that anything that couldn’t be done in Flash is either not going to show up in your SWF or it will look wonky. Deformers are definitely one of those things.

May not be the ideal solution but you could try rendering in a different format, bring that into a file and then export the swf of that flattened animation if you need it to be a swf. It will probably end up having a pretty big file size though.

Ya i get that. Flash doesn’t have mask or deformers and the like.

But this is a basic basic rig, and some lines are triple the size they should be.


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