Export animation : black screen

i made a little animation, just moving an arm,
when i export this animation which takes only 80 frames,
in movie mode, mpeg4, or any other, i have a film with a black screen

anything i have to do before exporting ??

thank you for your help

Most likely you have not created any color background and has drawn in black line and did not use any fill color, in this case, the background is see as black in render view, and as their stroke is black, you will not see anything in the render view. You can create a Colour Card from the Effects menu (+) in the top left of the timeline, and assign a color from the layer properties, then all will be visible. Hope that solve the issue.


thank you for your help
even i did not understand what all these meant,
at least i got my first frame visible
but the others are still black


just to add that i can see my animation correctly using timeline.
only when i export i see nothing except the first frame.

try adding a color-card as the background and make it white. then make sure that all of your layers are checked in the camera view before exporting.


Have you exposed all the duration of the rendering, or only is exposed the first frame?
If so, select the last frame you want to expose each layer and press F5, this will extend the drawing cell exposure, which will be visible all the time allotted in the Timeline


in my animation, there are 5 layers
each layer has a part of the whole animation

i chose the last frame of all layers
i pushed F5
i inserted once and then overwrote the frames

but nothing is happening

i only see the first frame of all layers
then black screen

even adding color-card does not change anything

it’s incredible

what is missing ???

i made the same animation
but using only one layer
and it works, i have all the animation on the movie.

so why it is not working with several layers ???

well i finally did it
i think the key is F5

i don’t understand the process

but when i create my background layer, i go to the last frame of the timeline of the background layer, and i use F5.

then for every key frame for other layers
i just have to push F5 and then do the modification

and everything is in the movie
( the first time i was doing by copying and pasting)

well thank you to all, really



I´m glad that finally the solution has been found.
F5 is the key shortcut of Extend Exposure, and you can find this command in animation menu/cell/extend exposure or by right click in the exposed cell and go to extend exposure. What you get with this? F5 fills with the current cell exposure all the frames that you need in timeline
If you have more of a drawing created in the same layer, you may choose to expose only one of them all the time (F5) or replace with drawing substitution, in the library window, by others drawings created in the same layer, giving everyone the time necessary and exposure between them filled automatically.
You only need to extend the exposure of the last selected cell until the end of the scene with F5.
If you need any segment without exposure, simply select these exposed frames and delete it. This does not remove the drawings, simply remove the exposure of the drawings, and with drawing substitution you may recover that drawing when and where you want. I hope I have clarified this issue somewhat. Regards.


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Hello sir i am using harmony stage 10 and in my view all objects are viewing black color but in render output they are color as i put color as file i have attached.
and every objects are viewing black also importing image files are black. please sir help me


I am most definitely having major problems with correcting the black background issue when exporting. I randomly got it to work ONCE over the past few weeks. I’ve inserted a color card, made sure that it was white, and it ISN’T WORKING. I really need a detailed remedy, as I am getting behind in my coursework, due to this issue.
Thanking you in advance.