Exploring TBS V3.5

I hope everyone is having fun exploring the new version 3.5.
I certainly am enjoying the treasure hunt. Everyone probably has their own method of digging in to a new version. I just sort of start at the front of the manual and work from front to back.

So far I have found three new features that are small things but really appreciated.

The first is the seperation of how the pen / brush tool and the eraser tool are sized. In case you haven’t played with this yet it is really a nice feature. To set a brush for example select the brush tool and then go to the pen tab on the properties panel and input your settings. To assign a setting to the eraser, just select the eraser tool then pick a pen on the pen tab of the properties panel and you can assign that setting for the eraser. Then even if you change pens while drawing when you select the eraser to use it, it will be sized based on what size you assigned it and not sized like it use to be based on the current pen size selected.

The second new nugget is the button for toggling onion skinning on and off. You can now set your onionskinning levels for next and previous to your favorite number of drawings one, two or three and just leave them set because there is now a seperate on / off button. This is a real time saver instead of the old toggle thru the setting for previous and for next to turn them on and off. If you are on the Mac this feature is not apparent so you will have to go to customize your tool bar and find the button and drag it up to your top control bar. There are some other neat new buttons available to be added so don’t forget to look thru the choices when you are customizing.

The 3rd nugget I came across is a beauty. It is the Show Outline on Onionskin command added to the view menu. This lets you see previous and next drawings in outline mode instead of filled. Still in user defined colors but so much more useful if your work is already painted.

There are lots and lots of gems I haven’t got to yet but these three are small but oh so useful. I hope as others find new features you will share them here. I know I will. -JK

I don’t actually have 3.5 yet, but I’m particularly looking forward to

toon boom rocks!

Hi guys,

I think I will make a short video only on the new features of V3.5 for the use of this community.

I might not have time to go into a studio and record a nice voice over but at least you would be able to see it visually.

I’ll post back soon.

BTW, the features demo video are ready and should be posted online today (I was expecting last week, sorry).


Thanks Mathieu,
We will look forward to seeing the videos for sure. I can’t tell you enough how much improvements to the interface,and customizations and features that simplify common everyday work steps are appreciated. I realize that from a marketing perspective the little things often get lost in the discussion because they don’t carry as big a “bang” in advertising but for those of us who use the product daily, little stuff that reduces a step here and a step there really adds up. There are so many small features that you guys have added in this release that on the surface aren’t big headlines but I can already see significant production workflow improvements because of them. So I just wanted to start this thread to expose others to the things that may not jump out to potential new users or casual users.

The format pre-sets is a great example. Not a “big” banner headline sort of thing except that it saves time and simplifies a few steps and just made all kinds of sense.

Another almost invisible new feature is the At Startup selection feature in General Preferences. I have mine now set to always start with the Load last loaded project setting. Again this doesn’t seem like such a big deal but it saves time everytime I start up TBS which is more often then you might think because I tend to like to close applications and reopen them often during my work day. I tend to stay working in a single project for days on end and that’s a lot of steps I no longer have to take because the application automatically opens my current project each time without my having to do it. -JK

And Drop Shadow Effect very very nice!!!

Thanks TBS Team, and to continue to work to add new functions.
I will like well that you add Depth of Field for the camera, good idea? :slight_smile:

Good work…


Hi guys,

I appreciate your post regarding the details inside Toon Boom Studio because it was the primary goal of this release. Make it easier and more effective.

We are going to build on these improvements to make new features for V4.0 (which will be a bigger release as far as new tools and features).

One of my personal favorite is the auto renaming layers in the exposure sheet and timeline. I didn’t like to use the popup window to renaming my layers. Now just double click on a layer name (either in the timeline or exposure sheet) to renaming directly.

Same for element notes, double click on notes to open the note editor. Mouse over to see the note in a tool tip bubble.

Tablet users will like the new tool buttons with arrows that removes the need to click and hold to get access to sub menus. Also the redo, undo button is useful when you don’t have access to a keyboard.

Anyone experienced with the new contour editor tool ? The ability the modify the look of the line between to control points with having to use the handles was requested by many users. New ideas have come recently comparing our drawing tools with The Tab’s so we will look in to that.

There is over 30 new little improvements like that I hope you will all benefit from.


Hi Thierry,

How do you see an depth of feild integration? Do you mean a camera auto focus according to a distance ?

You already have the z info in the properties windows of the elements. You know how far it is.

Please explain a bit more what you are looking for, I’m listening !!!


Hi Mathieu,

Je vais te répondre en Français, en Anglais c’est trop dur
pour moi de t’expliquer ok?

Je vois le “Depth of Field” comme une option de caméra lors
du rendu. En fait on “vise” avec la caméra un certain objet,
et tout ce qui est devant et derrière cette objet est flou, mais
l’objet “visé” lui est bien net. Tu vois ce que je veux dire?

Afflicted for this French answer, but I cannot explain it in English… :-<br />

Salut Thierry,

C’est bien ce que je pensais. Cette feature fait parti de Solo.

Pour ce faire il faudrait commencer par integrer un effet de flou (un blur). Pour faire un blur on a besoin d’un meilleur support bitmap (un rendu bitmap en temp reel dans la camera view).

Donc on a du pain sur la planche pour faire cet effet.

C’est une tres bonne idée mais qui demande beaucoup de nouvelle fonctionalitées en soit. Je garde quand meme ton idée dans la liste pour la prochaine version, on verra bien ce que l’on peut faire a partir de la.


Hi Mathieu,

Thanks, and good courage for the continuation. :slight_smile:


I just did some work using the improved contour editor, and to say it is improved is an understatement. One of my long time favorite advantages in Flash has always been the combination of using the line tool and the arrow tool to shape those lines. The contour editor in TBS has never been as responsive or easy to use for that purpose. That is until now. I never have been a big fan of trying to shape a line using handles and much prefer the molded strand of clay approach in Flash. So I have to say that I was thrilled and excited to find that this is now possible in TBS as well. I’ll need to do a lot more practicing with the contour edit tool but it is vastly improved and this is a much welcomed enhancement. I have to play with the lines to contours conversion to see if using the line tool for inking is now as practical as in Flash but kudos to the product team for these improvements. Oh, and the fact that the contour editor is not adding extra vector points is also appreciated. This is definitely going to have implications on tool selections and workflow as the line tools are now much more usable thanks to the editing enhancements. -JK

As usual, JK, I have to thank you for your keen insights into various animation techniques and software. These, you’ve made thus far about Toon Boom’s 3.5 are gems. I haven’t yet used it, but I’ve downloaded it and I’m anxious to give it a try. Your tips are very helpful. Keep 'em coming!

Best Wishes,

Having got TBS express 2.5 for free with a mag then upgrading to 3.0 with the free upgrade to 3.5 is great!
Thanks Toonboom! 3.5 seems great!!

Im happy about the drop shadow and the contour editing addenums amongst other things.

Speaking of drop shadows, can the shadow be manipulated so if it fell over a wall or a stone on the ground, it could be ‘shaped’ as needed?


You can’t do this with the drop shadow effect but you can with the color transform effect. Duplicate your drawing, apply a color transform (Flatten if made of multiple elements).

Then you can apply transformation to the element directly. You should also use this method for animating shadows (light movement).


Thanks Mathieu!

I am going to try that very soon, i havent really experimented with the color transform effect.