Explore Animate PLE - Everybody Invited :)

Hi Guys,
I get alot of emails and messages people keep asking me:
"What do you use to create your Animations ?"

"What techniques do you use ? can you make video tutorials please ?"

Those questions are flooding my inbox every single day, and I can understand some people who new to digital paperless animation.

Anyway, I decided to start this thread, it could be a nice place for everybody who learning using the ANIMATE PLE version to post files/projects and share so other users will be able to open and see how stuff made.

I made a simple character with Tone, Highlight in a symbole, so feel free to explore it to get more comfortable with Animate.

Check out My YouTube Channel if you like to see some old animations I’ve done, (Karitopia related made with Toon Boom Solo).
http://www.youtube.com/user/sojukan - ENJOY :wink:

*Sorry about my bad English :-<br />

Download the Project files (zip) here: