Expired license - fatal error

Hi, I’m a student and have had storyboard pro for some time. I use licenses from my university. There was a tech error where I got an expired license and it said activated, but now (no matter how many times I delete the program and reinstall), Storyboard Pro refuses to open. It won’t even give me the activation window anymore. Please help as I have a project deadline and didn’t expect this to be such a big issue. Thank you.

If you believe it is a License issue.
Download and run Toon Boom License Repair app
The process will start and may take a few seconds, then the utility will display a report of what it did. Don’t close the report dialog right away.
All the info can be found here, under How To re-install the activation service on macOS.

It didn’t work. Still says fatal error. Is it the Monterey OS?

Try deleting or renaming the preferences & layout folders, this will reset SBP.

macOS: /Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/Toon Boom Animation/Toon Boom Storyboard Pro/

On macOS, the Library folder is hidden. To display it in Finder, hold down the Alt key (You will see it under the Go menu).

Was SBP20 working fine before with Monterey or did you just upgrade to it?